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Life Groups: A New Opportunity for Community

Posted by Katie Fowler on

Community. We want it. We were made for it. But it can feel hard to come by. When you find it? Oh, how sweet it is! At First Pres, we believe in the goodness of community. In the goodness of following Jesus together—of pursuing growth and transformation in the company of others. And we...

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Tags: discipleship, life groups, small groups

Christian Life Conference 2017

Posted by Lindy Keffer on

Who is lonely in our world? Twentysomethings recently out of college Young moms Single forty-somethings Divorced dads in their fifties Workers in their 60s who can't afford to retire. Research presented by Dr. Eric Jacobsen to open this weekend's conference indicates that isolation is an...

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Tags: christian life conference 2017, clc

What A Soul Needs: Soul Food

Posted by Jennifer Holz on

I hope you have found some ways to care for your soul over the past several weeks. As we get ready to head into fall, write down one or two spiritual practices that you want to carry with you into this next season so your soul can continue to flourish! One of the most important practices we can...

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Tags: discipleship, e-blast, summer, what a soul needs, worship

What A Soul Needs: A Center

Posted by Tim McConnell on

First Pres has a close relationship with Fuller Theological Seminary. They produced many of our best leaders! Fuller has a satellite location here in Colorado Springs, now headquartered in the offices of Café 225 and housing their library in our basement. In fact, Fuller Seminary summer...

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Tags: e-blast, fuller, summer, what a soul needs