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Food for Thought: Thinking Christians?

Posted by Lindy Keffer on

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As part of our exploration of the doubts skeptics often have about the Christian faith, this Sunday we'll explore the question Is faith at odds with intellect or creativity? 

A number of writers have undertaken to answer that question with a resounding "no," arguing instead that a growing faith in Christ sharpens both the mind and the imagination. 

Food for Thought

"God is no fonder of intellectual slackers than of any other slackers. If you are thinking of becoming a Christian, I warn you you are embarking on something which is going to take the whole of you, brains and all. But, fortunately, it works the other way round. Anyone who is honestly trying to be a Christian will soon find his intelligence being sharpened: one of the reasons why it needs no special education to be a Christian is that Christianity is an education itself." – C.S. Lewis in Mere Christianity

"[The recent Christian culture of] anti-intellectualism has drained the church of its boldness in witnessing and speaking out about important issues in the places where ideas are generated. And for those who do have such courage, anti-intellectualism has created a context in which we Christians often come off as shallow, defensive, and reactionary, instead of thoughtful, confident and articulate... I can tell you from experience that when people learn what they believe and why, they become bold in their witness and attractive in the way they engage others..." – J.P. Moreland in Love Your God with All Your Mind

"The arts and the sciences do have a place in the Christian life—they are not peripheral. For a Christian, redeemed by the work of Christ and living within the norms of Scripture and under the leadership of the Holy Spirit, the lordship of Christ should include an interest in the arts. A Christian should use these arts to the glory of God, not just as tracts, mind you, but as things of beauty to the praise of God. A work of art can be a doxology in itself." – Francis Schaeffer in Art and the Bible

“I wonder what we Christians are known for in the world outside our churches. Are we known as critics, consumers, copiers, condemners of culture? I’m afraid so. Why aren’t we known as cultivators—people who tend and nourish what is best in human culture, who do the hard and painstaking work to preserve the best of what people before us have done? Why aren’t we known as creators—people who dare to think and do something that has never been thought or done before, something that makes the world more welcoming and thrilling and beautiful?” – Andy Crouch in Culture Making: Recovering our Creative Calling

How do you find your mind and imagination being sharpened by your faith?


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