Grief Workshop

The Grief Workshop is for those who have lost a loved one in death, whether recently or years ago, and who are willing to share their pain and grief with other caring people.

Our seven weeks together will give you an opportunity to understand your reaction to death and the process of grieving and healing. It is a process in which one begins to find the steps of rebuilding life without your loved one.

Unless we deal with our thoughts, feelings and beliefs concerning death, we cannot effectively walk in peace and newness of life.

Whether your loss is that of a spouse or a child, a parent or friend, a grandparent or any other significant person, there is no simple answer to your adjustment to death. We hope that the Grief Workshop will begin to open your understanding and help you find the ability to go on living and to reestablish ties of love and support.

For more information on the Grief Workshop, call 719.884.6145 or email

The next workshop will begin on Monday, September 12, 2016. 

Please click on the link below for the brochure and registration form.

Registration has now closed. The next workshop will be in the Spring of 2017.

Mending Broken Hearts

This course is focused on issues facing people as they go through divorce or the end of a serious relationship. Registration is open for the first two sessions only. You can register on the church website under “Communities” and “Growing Together Wednesdays” in mid August.

The next class will be offered this Fall. It will begin on September 7 - October 19.