Ministry of the Deacons 

Who are the Deacons? 

Deacons are elected and ordained officers of the church called to ministries of sympathy, witness and service after the example of Jesus Christ as set forth in Scripture. The Board of Deacons has 150 members in classes of 50, each serving three year terms.

How are they chosen?   

People who meet qualifications of membership and involvement and show gifts of servant-hood are placed in nomination by the Church Nominating Committee and elected at the annual meeting each February.  After training sessions they are ordained and installed in worship services.

How do they serve? 

  • Contact Ministry – monthly contacts with groups of members assigned to each deacon
  • Worship Greeting and Handicapped Assistance
  • Hospital and Care Center Visitation
  • Memorial Service Receptions
  • Christmas Parties in Care Facilities
  • Serving Home Communion
  • Care for the elderly and home-bound
  • Annual Four Score and More Party for members 80 years old and older
  • Delivering lilies and poinsettias to members at Easter and Christmas
  • Deacon Prayer Chain