I Would LOVE to Volunteer in the Nursery Sundays at 9:45am! (Check-in at 9:15)

Please click HERE to sign up to volunteer in one of our Nursery Rooms Sundays at the 9:45am service time. Please contact Beth Morrison for more information at bmorrison@first-pres.org.

Thank you in advance!


First Presbyterian Church believes all children are a gift from God. It is our desire to provide each child with a safe, loving, and nurturing environment. To that end, we create a partnership with families to help support their parental and spiritual growth.

Our Mission: “Train a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not turn from it.” Proverbs 22:6 NIV

Our Vision: "We believe in providing a loving, Christ-centered environment by serving parents and teaching God's Word to children."

Childcare Registration (Birth - Kindergarten)

In order to staff properly, we ask parents/grandparents to register their children (Birth - Kindergarten) for all events except Sunday mornings so that we may adequately staff for the nursery. You must complete one form per child but it will self-populate once you have initially registered a child. Thank you for your diligence in this!

   for childcare here.

Wednesday Nights - GTW

        Infants/Crawler (Nursery 1st Floor)

        Young Toddlers (Nursery 1st Floor)-1y1m-1y6m

        Older Toddlers (Nursery 2nd Floor - Ark Room) –1y7m–3y and not potty trained


 for childcare here.

Children older than 3y and potty trained attend Children's Choirs. https://first-pres.ccbchurch.com/form_response.php?id=38 for Children's Choirs here.


We use Randall House, D6 curriculum in our Ark Room and Rooms 236 and 237; our younger Toddlers and Room 230 use Gospel Light.

Repetition is important for children these ages. Although it may be the same story, when told by different teachers, it becomes unique but with the same gospel truths. It is our desire for the children to hear from the Word of God each time they enter our classrooms. Many may not look like they are paying attention but they are and can often repeat the stories that they hear as these foundational truths are being laid.

Research shows that these formative years are the most impressionable time of a person's life. It is during these early years that values, beliefs and behaviors are formed. Our curriculum teaches key scriptural truths and leads our children into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Weekend Tips

What to Bring

Please send your child with an extra diaper and change of clothes. Include his/her bottle and pacifier and any "security" items they may need. Be sure to mark everything clearly with your child's name.

What to  Expect

Upon arrivial, please ask an usher or at the reception desk where your child's classroom is located. When you reach the classroom, our Lead will greet you and help you sign in with our electronic system.

With this system, you will be given a two-part nametag - the child's name goes on his/her back the second nametag goes to the teacher. The ID tag will be at the bottom. Upon pick-up, the ID tag and code on your child's nametag must match. If you are not picking up your child, please give the ID tag to the adult who is or let us know at the beginning of class and we will ask that individual for a picture ID when they come to pick up your child. This is for your child's safety.

Please separate quickly from your child. Many times children cry when leaving their parent. This is especially true of Toddlers. We will do all we can to console your child but let us know how long you would like him/her to cry.

If we should need to contact you, we can text your cell phone. Please keep it visible in the event we need to text you. If it is necessery to text, try again with your child - extend each time five or ten minutes. Pretty soon they will be staying the entire service!

Our caregivers are trained, screened, CPR and First Aid certified and are here because they love children and Jesus. We want this to be a successful time for both your child and you.

Good Health Guidelines

We ask that you not bring your child if he/she has exhibited any of the following within 24 hours:

fever/vomiting                  green or yellow runny nose

diarrhea                           discharge in or around the eyes

excessive coughing           a questionable rash

If your child becomes ill when in our care, we will separate him/her and call you immediately. We ask that our Caregivers follow these same guidelines.