Special Needs Access

Our Mission

We desire to meet the needs of individuals with special needs and serve their families as they come to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  Our goals for each family are to participate and serve in the programs offered at First Pres during Sunday morning services and Get Together Wednesday programs, and offer the appropriate accommodations to do so successfully.  We want to equip and send our members into partnership with community organizations who serve those with special needs.


Access Ministries Contacts

Kathy Dobyns (Children’s Ministry) at 884.6127 or e-mail kdobyns@first-pres.org

Norma Robinson (Capernaum) at 332.7932 or e-mail nrobinsoncs@gmail.com

Allison Pinello (Families who have newborns or children newly diagnosed special needs) at 884.6220 or e-mail at Pinello09@yahoo.com


Sunday School Programs

Nursery and Pre-school through 4th Grade- visit www.first-pres.org/childrens or contact Kathy Dobyns for further assistance

5th to 12th Grade- visit www.first-pres.org/students

Please contact us for an appointment regarding placement options or buddy/partner opportunities for your child.


High School and Beyond Programs

Capernaum is a monthly Young Life ministry for high school and young adults.  FPC provides the meeting area in our Weber Street Center.  This group meets the third Wednesday of each month during the school year from 6:30 to 8 p.m. in the Aspen Room.  For more information, or if you would like to volunteer with Capernaum, email Norma Robinson or call her at 884.6220. 


Upcoming Church Events

Jill’s House (www.jillshouse.org) is the first and only mission of its kind in the United States. They provide overnight respite care for children between the ages of 6 and 17 with intellectual disabilities so that their weary families get a break.  Their innovative programs allow children to children to experience fun and exciting activities for the very first time and meet other kids just like them.  During 2013, Jill’s House is partnering with Rocky Mountain Special Needs Partners to serve children in Colorado Springs.


Volunteer Opportunities

Weekend Mission:

Rocky Mountain Special Needs Partners have partnered with a great organization called Jill’s House www.jillshouse.org.  This organization is leading the nation on providing excellent methods of respite programs to families with special needs children.  They have started a new strategy, Oxygen 3, to expand their programs to other states, including Colorado.  Jill’s House has found it incredibly fruitful for teams of small groups, peer groups and teens to come and serve for a weekend together.  They call their volunteers VSTMs (Very Short Term Missionaries) who raise funds ($250 per volunteer for one respite weekend) to come and serve families with special needs.  The financial and time impact is minimal and the VSTMs efforts make the weekend an amazing experience, keep the weekend affordable for the families and touch the hearts of our volunteers. 

Capernaum:  Volunteer to provide these adults the opportunity to rise to the potential for which God created them. For more info, contact Norma Robinson.


Community Resources

The Resource Exchange (TRE) www.tre.org (Offers a wide variety of support and services for people of all ages who have a developmental disability)

Peak Parent www.peakparent.org (Provides training, information, and technical assistance to equip families of children, birth through 26, with all disabilities)

Alliance for Kids www.allianceforkids.org (Advocates for children, families, and providers of children’s services-as it relates to public policy)

Special Kids/Special Families www.sksfcolorado.org (Promotes, strengthens, and supports individuals with disabilities and their families; to include respite care)

Child Care Connections, Inc. www.childcareconnections.net (Connects families with childcare resources)

Colorado Springs Down Syndrome Association (CSDSA) www.csdsa.org (Provides support and encouragement to families of children with Down syndrome)