New Year, New You!

This past Sunday we started our "New Years Series" in attempt to make this year the most memorable yet.  In case you missed it, we attempted to give you seven resolutions to live by this year.  But knowing that these seven resolutions would only be created in use through the work of God in our life, we gave you two challenges, 

1) Immerse yourself in scripture,
2) Jump into something new

If you didn't make it last Sunday you can find the things we talked about below:

7 Resolutions to live by this year:

  1. Invite People into a Walk with Christ
  2. Allow Humility to Transform your Unforgiving Heart
  3. Be a Person of your Word
  4. Allow Grace to Creat a Compassionate Heart
  5. Let Go of Your Facade
  6. Fully own your wrongdoings, even if you're only partially to blame
  7. Accept Correction, even when it hurts.
Immerse Yourself in Scripture (2 challenges)

- B90X :: This is a big challenge and it won't be easy.  This challenge is going to take you through the word of God in 90 days.  It's a lot, it's fast, and it will take committment - especially when you get to leviticus.  It's not meant to be in depth but rather give you a wide survey of the story of God. Walk with us as we commit to this.

- First 30 days :: If the B90X challenge seems like too much for you, or if you just have never done your own quiet times, that's okay! Instead, we would suggest doing a more in depth study for the first 30 days of the year.  It's a small chunk of scripture with a question for each day to ponder and journal about.  

Jump into something new:

Below are a few thoughts of new things to jump into this year.

New ways to serve:
- Help cook pancakes on Sunday mornings
- Setup/tear down
- Liaison for your school
- sound/ppt
- worship
- city partnership
- cheer leader/promoter
- adventure seeker
- spacial decore/visionary
- welcome team

New experiences

- Camp
- B90X or First 30
- C.H.E.W.
- Jr/Sr Bible Study
- Bagels and Bibles
- Multiply
- Dominican Republic Mission Trip
- Basketball League?
- Dodgeball League?
Do you have other thoughts or aspiriations? Let us know?

Although the above is not an exhaustive list and there are many other areas to get inolved with around the city, your school, and within our church, they are an attempt to start your mind rolling.  We believe that to make this year the most memorable yet, something has to look different, and that means allowing yourself to experience something new. Something you may not be all that comfortable with. Something that you may even hate at the beginning - but something that will stretch you and move you out of your comfort zone.  So go ahead...and jump into the adventure with us!