Souns Program

We are proud to offer the souns program at Get Set Preschool. We see children eager to learn and read.   Souns places specifically designed and sequenced letters of our phonetic alphabet into the hands of our preschoolers. The hand holds, plays with, and explores the letters. Since each letter is given only one label - the most common sound of that letter - the child slowly builds a base of letter-sound associations for the early stages of reading. Learning becomes incidental, natural - and fun. Children love learning their sounds , building words and reading with the Souns Program.

Testimonial from a past Get-Set parent, “I am so thankful for the Souns program my daughter had in the GET SET preschool program.. She is doing amazing work in kindergarten and loves to learn. She is always writing and reading: writing letters to her dad while he is away and reading (and teaching letter-sounds) to her little brother.” 


Parent Testimonial

"My daughter is a student in the First Presbyterian's Get-Set Preschool program. She absolutely loves it! Each and everyday she is learning something new. There isn’t a single day that she doesn’t have excitement for the new things she has learned. As a parent, I am so pleased to know my daughter is not only learning but excited about what she is learning. I feel confident about leaving her with the teachers at First Pres. Knowing that her safety is important to them. I know the Get-Set program will prepare her for the things she needs to start kindergarten."