Are you ready to take the Spiritual Gifts Inventory?

See link to the online Spiritual Gifts Inventory, or a printable version, below. When you have receivered your results, come back to this page to go deeper. We encourage you to find a way to use your gifts to bless the church and the world!

Why a Spiritual Gifts Inventory?

In the past year, we have spent a great deal of time in our preaching and teaching talking about God’s call on our lives, both as a congregation and for each of us personally.  There are many things that help us discern the ministries to which God may be calling us.  For example, as a congregation, our location has helped us to discern that Part of our calling is to bear witness to God’s love to those who have been marginalized.  So, our context is one factor in making a decision about the shape of our ministry.  Your context may be that of a workplace, a civic organization, a family, or a retirement community.

Yet another factor in determining call may be what you are passionate about.  If you ever find yourself asking, “Why doesn’t someone do something about that?,” that someone may actually be you.

A tool that might be helpful in discerning your call is a Spiritual Gifts Inventory (SGI).  The New Testament has several lists of spiritual gifts.  These lists are representative, not exhaustive, but they can help you understand that God has made and gifted you for His purposes.  We encourage you to take this quick, web-based inventory to help you think about your calling. 


How to Use This Inventory

1.  Take the Spiritual Gifts Inventory linked above. Follow the on-screen instructions and you will immediately see the results with descriptions of the particular gifts and suggestions as to how those gifts might be used. For reference, the explanation of gifts is also linked above.

2.  Gather with a few friends. This may be an already existing group in which you participate.  You may want to do this as a group exercise. Share your results with one another, evaluating and affirming or even questioning the results. Be in deep prayer with one another as you seek the Holy Spirit’s guidance in this.  It is important to remember the Giver of gifts and to seek Him before seeking gifts. This is not a “churchy” career counseling effort. The ultimate goal is for each of us and all of us together to understand who God made us to be, why He did so and what it means to live faithfully into that.

If you have not thought about your purpose in God’s work before, this is a good catalyst for thinking and praying with others about where God might be calling you. This SGI is not an absolute prescription for what God has called you to. Rather it is something that can help get the ball rolling as you seek God’s will in your journey of discipleship. This additional resource will help guide you in your discussions and discernment together. For some deeper reflection questions, click here.

This is not an easy or quick process. It will take time and prayer. And it may very well lead you to unexpected places for in scripture we see two general patterns for how the Lord calls and equips His people. He may equip you with gifts, skills and passions and then call you to a place where you can use those for His glory. Or, he may call you to a least-expected place and then provide all that is necessary so that there will be no doubt as to who is doing the work. That is why you need to go more deeply into your discernment process, so…

3. Take advantage of additional resources. For a list of additional resources, click here. These resources include books on the Holy Spirit, calling, the fruit of the Spirit, and spiritual gifts.