Serve Around The Globe

Jesus prayed for his disciples and for all of us who would become disciples after them: “Father, as you sent me into the world, so I have sent them into the world.” John 17:18


Global Outreach at First Presbyterian is committed to:

  • joining in God’s purpose to draw all peoples into restored relationship with himself through Jesus Christ
  • holistic ministry which integrates proclamation and demonstration of God’s love
  • the value of partnership & relationships
  • mobilizing all of our members into missions involvement
  • the entire mission field that exists everywhere – locally and globally
  • working together with brothers and sisters in Christ from everywhere

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Join the First Presbyterian missionary e-mail prayer group to receive occasional urgent prayer requests from our missionaries and partners around the world!  Email to request to be added to the list.


Pick up a full color "Beyond All that you could Ask or Imagine...You are There" Prayer Guide.  These guides are available in the information racks around the church, the reception desks, and in the Missions Office. 


Join in prayer weekly for the featured mission partner in the Church News and worship bulletin.





CAIRO Connection – Reaching out within the Arab World through partnerships in the strategic gateway city of Cairo, Egypt. 


Join with others to pray for Cairo the seconed Sunday of each month from 12:30 - 1:30 p.m. in the Sanctuary Board room.  Everyone welcome.   click to read more


Impact INDIA – Reaching Hindu people with Christ’s love through partner ministries in India. 


Join others to pray for India the second Tuesday of each month from 4:30-5:30 p.m. in Room 216.   Everyone welcome.  click to read more


CUBA Partnership-

In 1999 a Cuban Presbyterian visiting his aunt here in Colorado Springs joined First Pres for worship.  He was invited to attend the Becomers Sunday School class. He developed relationships with members of the class, and those eventually led to a partnership with the First Presbyterian Reformed Church of Havana in 2009.

First Presbyterian Reformed Church of Havana (FPRCH) was formed in 1890 and the sanctuary built in 1906 to serve the middle class of Havana City. This downtown area has become an urban setting with a rich, diverse population. FPRCH serves their neighborhood with dynamic ministries that include a free lending library of books and videos, youth music and baseball activities, the Friendly Phone ministry which may include ongoing personal counseling, the School for the Elderly offering enrichment activities,  Bible study and prayer groups.   They have offer a Tai Chia exercise program as a way to improve one’s health, but also become acquainted with the church.  These ministries are strategic and unique, and give access to much needed encouragement and social engagement.

In many ways, the Church in Havana is the forgotten church.  So, in February or March of each year, our church takes a team to Havana to continue to develop a ministry of ‘being’, presence and relationship with our Cuban friends. We participate in their bible studies, worship services, pray together and demonstrate our genuine interest and support by coming to visit.  It is always a privilege to return and share with others what the Lord is doing in the lives of our fellow followers of Jesus. We also have the opportunities to go visit other churches outside of Havana to understand how God is working in this unique country.

If you are looking for a ministry of relationship building, by letting the Lord express Himself through your presence and simply being with brothers and sisters in Christ, please contact the missions office at 884-6108 for more information.

MonGOlia – supporting and enabling the exciting ministry of this first-generation church as we GO to mutually share our unique gifts and abilities.