Cairo Connection


Cairo, Egypt, is a teeming city of nearly 20 million people at the center of a region which needs the love and grace and peace of Christ.   In 1996, First Pres chose Cairo as our “gateway city” for reaching out into this area.  As we continue to foster relationships with some of God’s faithful servants in Egypt, through mutual encouragement, support and prayer, we are seeing the amazing hand of God at work!  You are invited to join in these blessed partnerships! The lay coordinator for our Cairo Connection is Lisa Hallock.

Join with others to pray for Cairo the seconed Sunday of each month from 12:30 - 1:30 p.m. in the Sanctuary Board room.  Everyone welcome.

In view of the recent bombing attacks on Christian churches in Egypt, we need to pray especially for all Egyptian Christians who are under attack from Muslim extremists and for our partners who are praying for reconciliation and for appropriate responses from Egyptian Christians who are frightened and weary of attacks and discrimination.  

Our Egyptian partners have asked us to pray that Christians will express their deep frustrations in a Christ-honoring way.  We praise God for Muslims who have gone to church services to express their support of Christians and to express their disdain for those extremists who would terrorize Christians. 

We are grateful for the ongoing work of our partners in Egypt and for their Christ-honoring response to the violence.  We praise God for their voices in this troubled land and for our continuing relationship with them.  We pray for their voices to be heard by Muslims and Christians alike. 

One of our mission partners, Better Life/Vision Communications has posted a song on You Tube that their team wrote. It was written before the current attacks, but it turns out to be a great comfort to people saddened by the terrorist attacks throughout the world.  The link to use is this one:

The translation follows:

He aches for your pain..He is sad for your agony
His Hands support your weakness..His promises are true
Even if you have lived in agony for years. 
He is calling on you “It is time”

It is time for you to rise and shine
He would cast away fear from your heart and you would walk in the light of His glory
He would be your peace and His waters would quench your thirst
He would revive you.  He is your Shepherd and Healer

He sees our pain.  He knows our dreams
And if our tongue fails to express, He hears our groans
And even if we have lived in agony for years,
He is calling on upon us “It is time”

It is time for us to rise and shake away the dust of years
Darkness would flee from our eyes and a new day would start
He would be our peace and his waters would quench our thirst
He would revive us.  He is our Shepherd and Healer.