Experiencing Missions

First Presbyterian sponsors mission trips for teams, but also supports individuals who go to serve in short-term missions.  At the bottom of this page, you will find links for applications for short-term missions projects and prayer support.

Below are the purposes and criteria for church-sponsored mission trips: 

  • Advances the kingdom of God, encouraging His worship and glory.
  • We go to learn, but not just to learn and grow!
  • The work of teams makes a real contribution, working according to sound missiological principles.
  • Worship is a key part of any trip.
  • Participants experience transformational learning about God, other cultures and themselves.
  • Participants are stretched to rely more fully on God.
  • Participants learn from cross-cultural partners a less ethno-centric faith expression.
  • Involves cooperating and participating in God’s work in the location, serving and deferring to the host and the culture.
  • We go with humility and a servant heart, and are willing to give up our desire to do things “our way.” 
  • We look for what God is already doing and become a part of that for a time.
  • Furthers mutuality in partnership with people in the location and/or agency.
  • Personal relationships are a high priority and task serves relationships.
  • Team members receive as well as give.
  • The congregation is engaged and fully participates.
  • Those who stay home are involved in prayer, giving supplies to be taken, supporting team members, awareness of what “we” are doing.
  • Well-implemented trips teach and model holistic missions to members of the congregation.

Individual Short-Term Mission Opportunities

If you are interested in a short term mission (2 weeks to 2 years), please contact the Missions Office to arrange an appointment.  We are happy to work with you to find a trip that fits your schedule, finances, passions and gifts.  Our partners and long term partners have many needs, and you may be just the perfect fit!  Call 884-6110, to begin your exploration.  Apply for prayer or financial support through the Short-Term Missions Support Team (include application forms.)

Short-Term Missions Project Application

Use this form if this is the first time you have been involved in a First Pres-sponsored missions project.  Click on the title to download and print an application for participation in a short-term missions project.

Short-Term Missions Project Application (previously supported)

Use this application if you have been previously supported by First Pres in a short-term missions project.  Click on the title to download and print an application. 

Prayer Support Application

Click on the title to download and print an application as a prayer supporter of a short-term missions project.