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These Things I Pray -- The Power of Prayer

Audio File: 2016-10-23-Sermon-TimMcConnell.mp3 (17.76MB)

Psalm 65

Way of Life -- The Way is Jesus

Audio File: 2016-10-16-Sermon-TimMcConnell.mp3 (19.35MB)

Acts 26:19-29

Way of Life -- Religion Won't Do It

Audio File: 2016-10-09-Sermon-TimMcConnell.mp3 (17.21MB)

Acts 26:1-18

Way of Life -- The God We Know

Audio File: 2016-10-03-Sermon-Dr.RichardHaney.mp3 (14.00MB)

Acts 17:16-31

Way of Life -- People of God

Audio File: 2016-09-25-Sermon-TimMcConnell.mp3 (19.98MB)

Acts 13:16-33

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