An Ancient People.  A Newborn Faith.  A Chance to Serve.
The number of Christians in Mongolia has grown from 4 to nearly 60,000 since 1991! Our missionaries, Floyd and Lynne Sebald, have  served in Mongolia for over 15 years, and Floyd was the Country Director for Mongolia Campus Crusade for Christ (MCCC) until March 2012 when he turned over leadership to Bataa.

The church of Mongolia has great energy for reaching their nation with the gospel and is seeking support in Christian discipleship, leadership development, family life issues, addictions, ethics and other arenas. 

Love, Grow, GO together to MonGOlia. GO help our Mongolian friends as they share God's good news. We GO to help Mongolia Campus Crusade for Christ (MCCC) with their mission. We GO to work alongside, encourage, care for, support, and share in Christ's love. It's all about relationships!

There are many ways you too can become involved there and here. Please pray about allowing God to use you in Mongolia. 


Trips can be developed, coordinated and scheduled for individuals or teams as small as two.  Trip application deadlines are six (6) months prior to the trip.  Trip training is provided.  The cost of the trip will be largely determined by the cost of air travel.  To ask about joining a planned trip, trip dates and getting an application, call the Missions office at 884-6108.

Teachers and Administrators --June 17-July 4, 2014

Each summer, First Pres has an exciting opportunity to partner with Mongolia Campus Crusade Teachers' Ministry to offer English classes to Mongolian educators, school administrators and counselors.  Our team teaches classes, participates in games and activities, and develops relationships with school personnel, most of whom have not heard the gospel. These relationships provide the bridge between Campus Crusade and the schools, and facilitate sharing of the gospel as well as follow-up in schools throughout Mongolia.

We need at least two American administrators each summer to share some basics about Christian ethics and leadership techniques as applied in our schools.

At the conclusion of camps individuals could opt to stay for the opening of the national holiday, Naadam Festival  -- a giant celebration that includes competitions in horse racing, wrestling, and archery -- all significant parts of Mongolian history and culture.

If you have questions, please contact Pat and Larry Dickinson, 719-598-3497, or contact the Missions Office for an application.


The campus and medical ministry of MCCC reaches out to doctors and medical students. You can share Jesus' work in your life through your medical experience by helping provide medical training at clinics and hospitals, talk with medical students at universities or MCCC’s Student Center, assist with hospice work in Mongolian homes, participate in rehabilitation work with disabled youth through Mongolia Young Life Capernaum, and support medical outreaches at local churches that then follow up with spiritual care.


The Mongolian military includes soldier, police and border control.  MCCC’s military ministry teaches leadership and ethics to military cadets and has a military family, deployment and marriage ministry.  Officers are needed to develop relationships with Mongolian leadership and walk along side providing Christian perspectives for leadership.

Preaching, Bible Study, Worship and Pastoral Care

MCCC and the local churches appreciate sound Biblical teaching.  Kingdom partnership, church and discipleship development, worship leadership and spiritual mentoring are needs with both the local and nomadic church.  MCCC Staff Conference provides leadership training and counseling. For five years First Pres has provided speakers, counseling, Christian love & care.

Nomad Ministry

Work alongside MCCC staff and university students to help nomadic families with daily chores, and work with the nomadic churches to develop discipleship,  spread “To the Last Nomad” ministry, and show the Jesus film.

Campus Crusade for Christ and Young Life

Work with MCCC staff to reach out to university and high school students.


Reaching leaders is a focus of the Leader Led Ministry.  Help develop a business outreach, provide ethics and leadership training.

Friends of MonGOlia

Here in the US you can become involved with Email, Facebook, meetings and activities designed to share information, prayer requests, and visits by Mongolian friends.

If you have questions about our involvement in Mongolia, Doug Buenger is our lay coordinator for MonGOlia.  You may reach him at 535-9055.