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Caring Ministries

Dozens of caring people—from pastors to volunteer nurses—lend a hand to make sure that each person at First Pres can receive the care he or she needs. No one is forgotten at a time of crisis. 

Fall Grief Workshop

The Grief Workshop helps those grieving the death of a loved one by providing an emotionally safe environment and some tools for dealing with loss. It provides growth opportunities from a Christian perspective leading to health and wholeness. View details and register >>


Divorce Recovery Workshop

A seven-week workshop with lectures and small group discussions for people dealing with divorce or the breakup of a long-term relationship. Help, support and advice for healing are offered by a group of experienced speakers and facilitators. View details and register >>





Headshot of John Goodale

John Goodale

Pastor of Caring Ministries

Office: 719-884-6143

Headshot of Sue Hayward

Sue Hayward

Caring Ministries Associate

Office: 719-884-6140

Headshot of Jim DeJarnette

Jim DeJarnette

Minister of Worship and Music

Office: 719-884-6171

Headshot of Matt Holtzman

Matt Holtzman

Minister of Worship and Care

Office: 719-884-6170

Headshot of Gladeen Ragland

Gladeen Ragland

Caring Ministries Administrative Assistant

Office: 719-884-6145