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Start Somewhere

Start Somewhere

Jan 14, 2018

Passage: Mark 1:1-8

Preacher: Tim McConnell

Series: Start: The Start is the Hardest Part

Category: Gospel


We can’t afford to lose everything we will lose if we fail to start what God is calling us to start.

Start Somewhere

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This week's sermon

Mark kicks off with two words: “The beginning.” Everything good must start somewhere. Every great journey begins with the first step. But the start can be the hardest part. How many things have you intended to do, wanted to do, planned to do, and regret that you have never done? It takes courage to take a first step. God is calling you to start something and you have been afraid to take the first step. Now is the time. You gotta start somewhere. Find the beginning and Start.

About the Start Series

The first step can be the most frightening; the start can be the hardest part. We are “maintain” people. We can keep stuff going. But how do we get moving on something different? Maybe God is calling you to start something new, to take a new step in a new direction in the New Year. The first chapter of Mark gives us the Gospel version of “Start.” It shows how the Jesus started his ministry. This series will encourage you to give it a try. To start.


The Start is the Hardest Part
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