Men's Life

As men, we search for success in every aspect of our lives, often discovering that we may be sacrificing family, friends, and ourselves to achieve that success.

While we are chasing success, God is calling us to significance. Our confusion negatively impacts our character, our families, our workplaces and our communities. Men learn best from other men.

At First Pres, we are committed to walking side-by-side with each other through life's journey. Don't settle for anything less than life-fulfilling significance which is authentic success. Come join us as God creates or restores balance in your life.

Check out the many opportunities to learn, grow and fellowship with other men by using the navigation buttons to the left.

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Grow in Men's Studies and Fellowships!

Men's Quarterly Breakfast - Join us on Saturday, June 18, for our spring breakfast starting at 8:30am.  The speaker will be our own Tim McConnell!  Following the breakfast, we will head to the Go-Cart course east of Colorado Springs so bring your children and grandchildren!  Cost for breakfast is $5.  Register here.

Men's Monthly Lunches-Join other men on the last Tuesday of each month at Jose Muldoons, 11:45 a.m. -1 p.m. for lunch and a featured speaker.  No need to pre-register.

Men's Bible Study (starting Fall 2016) Tuesday mornings, 6:15-7:30 a.m.:
 Real men feed others and join together in mission! Join Todd Morse on Tuesday mornings as you learn to apply scripture to your lives on your own (in the company of other men!) in a way that will enable you to pass it on to others and engage in mission. As they say at Home Depot, “You can do it; we can help!”  Each week, we’ll give a brief introduction; you’ll look at 10 – 12 verses on the spot using tools we will provide; then you’ll discuss what God is saying to you with some other men, led by a trained facilitator. Getting into the scripture on your own is fun, it’s doable, and it’s necessary! Real men feed others!  

Small Group Bible Studies:

Thursdays at 6:30am, Room 030, Stevens Hall:  Mike Smith is the current leader.  Contact him for details. 

Saturdays at 7:30am, Room 102, Hansen Hall:  Larry Miller is the current leader.  392-3259

Saturdays at 8:15am, Jason's Deli on North Academy: Jim Brown is the current leader.

Call John Moe at 635-3672 for more information on small groups.

For more information on any Men's Ministries opportunities, contact Pat Hartsock at 884-6119 or